Jimma Farmers Multipurpose
Agricultural Coop Union

Jimma Farmers Multipurpose Agricultural Coop Union is a coffee farmers coop Union that produces & exports specialty standard Washed, Natural & Special Prep coffee lots that is grown in the South West Ethiopian dense coffee rainforest agroecology coffee producing districts of Jimma Jimma Zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia. It is known for its distinct flavor profile, which is characterized by balanced acidity and sweetness, as well as notes of citrus, berries, and chocolate. Jimma coffee is typically grown at high altitudes, with farms ranging from 1800-2300 meters above sea level. The region has a tropical climate with ample rainfall, providing ideal growing conditions for coffee plants. Finally, we would like to inform our customers that we did export to buyers that are found in Europe, USA, Japan, S.Korea, China, Australia, Taiwan & to the Middle East Counteries.


Farmer Centered

A Specialty Coffee Producer & Exporter Coop Union

Your Reliable partner for Acceletated Sustainable Development

  • Location: Districts of Jimma Zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia
  • Altitude: 1800-2300mts asl
  • Rainfall: 1700-2200MM
  • Major Product Lines: Coffee, Pepper & Honey
  • No Of Primary Coops: 212
  • Major Primary Coops: -Bikilia Ebissa, Burqa Gudina, Buture Gebisa, Kenteri
  • Year of Establishment: 2004
  • Major Buyers/ Destinations: Europe, USA, Japan, S.Korea, China, Australia, Taiwan & to the Middle East Counteries.
  • Processing Types: Washed, Natural & Special Preps
  • Total Members: 141,146
  • Cup Flavor Profile Notes By: Tropical Fruit, Clove Like, Ruh, Pleasant Fermented, Berry Like, Lavender, Sweetness, Cardamom Notes; With Complex finish, Caramel, Cheesy, Citrus, Orange Juicy, Winey, Cucumber, Grapefruit Smooth, Manderin, Sweet Finish & Lemon Notes
  • Coffee Type: Jimma/Limmu
  • Major Districts: Manna,Seka Chekorsa, Kersa, Shebe Simbo & Mencho
  • Certifications: Organic, Rainforest Alliance, Cafe Practice & Fairtrade

Cultivating Prosperity at the Source

At Jimma Coop Union, we understand that the journey from crop to cup begins at the source – the hardworking local farmers of the Jimma region. Through our commitment to fair trade practices, we actively collaborate with these farmers, providing them with the support, resources, and knowledge needed to cultivate coffee beans of exceptional quality. By fostering sustainable agricultural methods, we not only ensure the premium quality of our coffee but also contribute to the economic empowerment of the farmers who form the backbone of our community.

Fostering Local Pride: A Path to Prosperity

Beyond the fields, Jimma Coop Union is dedicated to fostering a sense of pride and prosperity within the local community. By championing fair trade principles, we establish equitable partnerships that prioritize the well-being of our farmers. This commitment goes beyond financial transactions; it's about creating a sustainable path to prosperity that uplifts the spirits of our community members. From educational initiatives to community development projects, Jimma Coop Union is invested in nurturing a legacy of pride that extends from the coffee fields to every corner of the Jimma region.