Current Location & Producing Area

Location: Oromia Regional State, Jimma Zone, Jimma Town. Located 352 KM from the capital city Addis Ababa.

Producing Areas: The coffee-producing areas within JFMACU include Mana, Kersa, Shebe, Seka Chkorsa, and Mencho. These regions are known for their suitability and ideal conditions for producing the finest Washed Limu and Natural Dijmmah Coffee.

Climate: The altitude in the area ranges from 1800 to 2300m, with a temperature range of 12 to 24 degrees Celsius. The annual rainfall is between 1700 to 2200mm, creating optimal conditions for high-quality coffee cultivation.

Main Coffee Producing area of the Union

Cooperatives from Mana District

Cooperatives from Kersa District

Cooperatives from Shebe District

Cooperatives from Seka Chkorsa District

Cooperatives from Mencho District


A Multi-Purpose Agri Coop Union that stands for the Grassroots Level Producing farmers at Jimma Zone, Oromia Region Ethiopia to Export Top Quality Specialty Coffee, Honey & Pepper

A Specialty Coffee Producer & Exporter from the Origin Representing Huge No of Coffee Producers

Professional & Competent Specialty Standard Washed, Natural & Special Prep Coffee Producers & Exporters from Ethiopia

Every year, We Properly undertake New Crop Harvesting & Processing using Scientific Procedures Required!

Enjoy our Specialty Standard Naturals, Washed & Special Prep from some of our Primary Coops:
Bikilia Ebissa / Jimma / Limmu Type
Burqa Gudina / Jimma / Limmu Type
Buture Gebisa / Jimma / Limmu Type
Kenteri / Jimma / Limmu Type